Thursday, September 8, 2011

In which I get a blog award and multiply it by 15.

Hello.  I have gotten a blog award.

I'd like to thank the academy and the entire cast and crew of Hunting Sea Glass with Wolves, but most of all I'd like to thank Stuart Nager of BornStoryTeller from whence this dost award arriveth here.  Honestly, he trucked it over himself and unloaded it in my living room.  I was like dude, I just met you!  And he was like this thing was heavy, do you have any beer?  And I said, it's  funny that you should ask . . .

Now I have been instructed to share 7 things about myself.  Here they are in no particular order:
  1. I actually do go to the beach every day and look for sea glass.  Except that it's lake glass, because I live on the lake and the wolf that I hunt with isn't actually a wolf.  He's just a dog that looks more wolfy than most of the wolves I know.  He's so wolfy that he makes most real wolves look like English Bulldogs.
  2. Every few years I grow my hair out until I can sit on it and then I chop it off so that I can't even put it into a pony tail.
  3. If you're just landing here for the first time, I write short stories on The Chrysalis Experiment.
  4. I like scary stories.  Man, do I love scary stories.  And also, there are coyotes in my local cemetery.  And animal sacrifices on my beach.  And I used to live in a building where a girl was bludgeoned to death next door by her lover and another building that was build by a wealthy occultist in the 1920s.  Do you think I'll run out of material? 
  5. I have an empty aquarium on my back porch.  I don't know what to put into said aquarium.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day taught me how much chlorine is in my tap water.  My city apparently gets its water from the YMCA pool.
  7. My computer has a crazy virus.  I will have to reformat the hard drive in a couple days.
So . . . to multiply this award by 15.  These are all new-to-me blogs.
  1. Beer and Mustaches
  2. A Day without Suishi
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  5. Bienvenue
  6. Tea and Cakes
  7. Writing and Living by Richard P. Hughes
  8. Kwee Writings
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  15. Write Castles in the Sky.



  1. Thank you very much for the award!

    It's too late to sign up on the 'official' list but if you want to take part and link us over on Twitter using #DiceGames, I'm sure everyone'll be more than happy to pop over!

    A x

  2. Hi Jen...don't forget to take a copy of the badge to put up on your site!!!

    ps: I don't drink beer. Iced Tea or Iced Coffee would be fine. :)

  3. Hi Jen,
    Thank you for the award.

  4. Hurrah. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

  5. Hello. Welcome all.

    Stu, sounds great. I have plenty of iced tea around this place as well.

  6. Thax a bunch! I have accepted the award and passed it on. GL on the campaign

  7. Thanks so much for the award, Jennifer! One idea for your empty aquarium is a tortoise. That's what is in ours on the back porch.

  8. I do the same thing with my hair. People tend to think it's crazy because they're too attached to their hair. I NEED change, and that's one way to get it.

    Thank you for the award! I will post about it this week.

  9. Wow. Thank you very much! I am just delighted you enjoyed my writing! Thank you.

  10. Ooh your first blog award. From now on I will pass on any I get (assuming I ever get anymore) to you, since I know there's a chance you're going to respond to them. :D