Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day One

Okay.  This isn't Day One.  It's Day Three.  But I'm posting a Day One Poem anyway.  I won't tell if you won't tell.

According to the NaPoWriMo website this is what we were supposed to do:

Poemetizing here:

In my living room, there is a tower of beer labels--
soaked off (wrenched from) the now naked brown-glass
and pressed flat

between the pages of heavy books.

I wonder what The Alpha King has learned from
The Complete Guide to Witchcraft or what
Kentucky Breakfast Stout makes of Fanny Farmer's
recipe for oatmeal . . . 
if Polygamy Porter is truly capable of appreciating Twilight.

When they are finally embraced within
the pages of a proper scrapbook, they will gift
each other a library's worth of learning.  What will come
of educating such humble paper to great heights?  Their
conversations will turn to arguments over the existence of free will.
They will long for a god that they don't believe exists and
if suicide is the only brave thing a beer label can do.
Then they will find the vocabulary of the average Beer Advocate member inadequate.  They will say so and get themselves banned from the site.

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  1. Love! I didn't realize you were doing NAPOWRIMO. There's something wonderful about the idea of books and beer labels interacting. I wish I'd thought of this! (But then I'm not following the prompts, lol.)