Monday, April 4, 2011

Day Four

Only one poem today.  This should be a breeze.

Day Four

On April 4, 2011
Well, we’ve made it to day four, and we now have more than 500 participants, making this officially the Biggest NaPoWriMo Ever!

Today’s prompt is a celebration of that fact. Try writing a poem that responds to or riffs off of one of someone else’s NaPoWriMo poems.

And our featured site for the day is the NaPoWriMo site of Rutgers University’s MFA program. Multiple students and their friends are posting there, so there’s already a wealth of poems to explore!

I think I'm going to break with the prompt today.  I had a funny dream last night and I'd like to write about that instead.

The Poem

I dreamed of two famous novelists last night.
We were standing in the drive of
a backyard garden.  It might have been mine.
There was a dough-boy pool half filled with blue water
off to one side.
One of the writers pointed to the pool and said
"When I read a book I like, I cut off the covers and bury them under the pool."
The other writer said,
"I do the same thing, only I dig mine up every now and then to look at them.
They'll never disintegrate if the book make you cry."
They were so nice and I totally got them until then,
but they started talking about books in French Pig-Latin.
And I felt like a child because I could not keep up with their Pig-Latin.
Maybe I should go and bury a book under the pool.

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  1. lol @ "they'll never disintegrate if the boo makes you cry"